Evacuation alert in civil law (A comparative study)


ABSTRACT : The leave Contract is one of the most widely used contracts among people As no one needs it , So it have received Special attention from legislators in many Countries . It is a true mirror of the social and economic conditions of the society , and this may Justify the large number of special legislation related to it in the majority of the countries . Therefore , Whenever there are Social and economic Conditions on the Society and the legislator's intervention to address them , We Find the legislation governing that Contract the most generous share . When talking about the end of lease to us , saying that it ends with the end of it's duration of being a Contract duration but Contractors may sometimes agree to set a certain duration of the Contract but only Stipulate that it will end with eviction . Therefore , the Contracts may agree that the lease expires after the expiry of it is term if one of the parties warns the other . At the appointed time before the expiration of that period , the Contract here shall not automatically terminate for the expiry of the period . But the person who wants to terminate the alert to the other So if the alert was issued when the Contract expired , However , if the warning is not issued after due date , the rent does not end but extends .