Mathematical Modeling of Compaction Curve Using Normal Distribution Functions


Compaction curves are widely used in civil engineering especially for road constructions, embankments, etc. Obtaining the precise amount of Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) that gives the Maximum Dry Unit weight dmax. is very important, where the desired soil strength can be achieved in addition to economic aspects.In this paper, three peak functions were used to obtain the OMC and dmax. through curve fitting for the values obtained from Standard Proctor Test. Another surface fitting was also used to model the Ohio’s compaction curves that represent the very large variation of compacted soil types.The results showed very good correlation between the values obtained from some published sample tests and the values obtained from curve fitting for both cases of the single curve and multiple Ohio’s curves.The easiness of obtaining OMC and dmax. From the results of curve fitting encourage users to utilize this procedure, in addition to its accuracy.