The Global Financial crisis in 2008 Reasons - Processors - implications of the Arab


The world is witnessing a financial crisis emerged in September of 2008, while rooted in many previous years caused by the mortgage crisis in the United States of America and the resulting lack of liquidity in the banking system and reduce consumer spending per capita, which represents 75% of the U.S. economy fears of a recession in the global economy, it has been the U.S. market for a big shock moving crisis felt mostly all European markets as a result of this decline has tumbled, and it continues to fluctuate, has followed this trend in the Arab and Gulf markets. Since the U.S. market, a market leading global financial markets, so the sooner shaken the U.S. market has been shaken world markets and this situation was repeated more than once. The former explains the vulnerability that the loss of the real estate sector has formed a catalyst prompting investors to pull money from stock markets to cover their financial positions in other places, which reflected negatively on the financial markets in the world, including Arabic and the size of economic activity in the United States and especially abroad.