Effect of Cinnamon Boiled Extract on Blood Picture and Leptin Hormone of Experimentally - Induced Diabetic White New Zealand Female Rabbits


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of cinnamon boiled extract (2000 mg / kg body weight) on some hematological parameters and Leptin hormone level in healthy and experimentally- induced diabetic white New Zealand female rabbits, it's weights ranged between 1300-1400 gm and aged 9-12 months. The rabbits were randomly divided into 4 groups, (9 rabbits / group) Control, Alloxan, Cinnamon and Cinnamon with Alloxan together group. The rabbits were dosaged and observed for four weeks. The results showed that the cinnamon boiled extracts enhance the hematological parameter for the healthy and diabetic female rabbits. The treatment raised red blood corpuscles, total white blood cells, hemoglobin concentration and packed cell volume comparing with the Alloxan and Control group. Furthermore, the treatment with Cinnamon boiled extract increases the level of Leptin hormone comparing with the Alloxan and Control groups.