Histological and Morphological Study of Cerebrum and Cerebellum of Albino Rats Treated With Antiandrogen Flutamide


The present study was aimed to assess the effects of antiandrogen flutamide on some histological and morphometric cerebrum and cerebellum tissue for white albino rats, Twenty five male rats were divided into five groups each group contains 5 animals, the first and second group regarded as positive and negative control, respectively, while the other groups was treated with flutamide drug orally for 28 days at concentrations of (8, 12, 25 mg/kg/day). Histopathological results revealed that there is a significant increase in cell number of outer granular layers in cerebrum of the groups treated with 25 mg/kg/day compared to positive and negative control group as well as with other treated groups cerebrum, also the results of histopathological pointed that there were no significant differences in cerebellum tissue in all treated groups . The morphometric results showed that there were no significant differences in thickness of cerebellar layers among different groups , therefore antiandrogen flutamide can be considered as a testosterone modulator. To determine more precise effect of flutamide on the brain, further studies are needed