A Secure Enhancement for Encoding/ Decoding data using Elliptic Curve Cryptography


The Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm meets the requirements for multimedia encryption since the encipher operation of the ECC algorithm is applied at points only and that offer significant computational advantages. The encoding/decoding operations for converting the text message into points on the curve and vice versa are not always considered a simple process. In this paper, a new mapping method has been investigated for converting the text message into a point on the curve or point to a text message in an efficient and secure manner; it depends on the repeated values in x- coordinate to establish a lookup table for encoding/decoding operations. The proposed method for mapping process is composed of various operations; firstly, the Exclusive OR and Circular Shift are performed on the message to enhance the diffusion property and that lead increasing the strength against cryptanalysis attack. Secondly, both parties agree on domain parameters for creating the elliptic curve and the mechanism to build the lookup table for encoding/decoding process. Thirdly, the base point is selected for generating all (x, y) pair points of the elliptic curve and extract x – coordinate values to calculate the maximum value for x and its frequency to create the lookup table. Finally, applying encoding/decoding operation for the message. The results of the proposed method are considered more efficient, secure and less time consuming compared with the ECC algorithm, besides it's suitable for preserving the confidentiality for real-time applications.