The Urban Addition An Analytical Study of the Relation Between the Additive and the Origin in the Contemporary Urban Projects


The research Explore one of the important topics that emerged from the contemporary urbandevelopment policies, by adding new urban entities within the city fabric, which represented by theurban addition, which appeared at different levels, evolved gradually with different contemporaryurban orientations, which began to call in at the beginning of the twentieth century to go back to theinner-city and their historic city centers and addition to it in order to develop. the concept of urbanaddition crystallized in many literatures that dealt with the relationship between the addition andorigin, and the process of creating a new integrated, interactive, and communicative with the existingurban fabric, where the contemporary urban trends varied in its dealings with the Transition jointbetween the addition and the original by finding the transitions boundaries or dissolves within thefabric according to the value of that existing fabric (the origin), Whether it was historical, ecological,functional, natural, cultural or other values, Accordingly the Research problem defined as;" TheLimits of the previous studies which is dealing with the mechanisms of the urban addition andthe forces governing the relationship between the addition and origin".To deal with the research problem a theoretical framework has been built for the concept of urbanAddition, in general, and the relationship between additive and origin, in particular. The researchclarify the variation of additive types to the urban fabric, whether [conservative addition] within thehistoric fabric that contains a high historical value, or developmental Addition within.modern fabriccharacterized by the disintegrate and chaos, that you need to be organize through new urbanextensions