Basins and Cultivated Lands Recharge Evaluation on The Basis of Experimental & Mathematical Analysis in Hashimiya-Iraq


A mathematical, field measurements and laboratorial study was adopted to evaluate the validity of many mathematical forms including Horton Model for estimating infiltration rate and infiltration potential, they are; power, polynomial and mixed formulas. The work composed of infiltration field measurements for Hashyimia Region located in the middle of Iraq which for simplicity and accuracy is divided into nine administration agricultural sectors namely as; Jerboeyia, Hashyimia, Niwedra, Tebra, Sada, Zineyia, H3, Fayadhiya, and Bazul sectors. The current study proved that the power formula is the best fit to the measuring data than polynomial, mixed and Horton models since the power formula offers 0.996 correlation factor whereas polynomial, mixed and Horton offer 0.947, 0.958 and 0.84 respectively. It is worth to mention that in all cases Horton Model offers less infiltration potential after 2hrs since infiltration process is started A real infiltration depth that accumulated in a subsurface bearing layer is also estimated depending upon field sampling and laboratorial testing of geologic formation textures to determining the porosities throughout Hashyimia Region.