Al Fankala tools and their function in the Sibawayh's book


The method of writing is one of the most important methods found in the books of grammarians, scholars and commentators. It is a method of composition that is of great importance in the presentation of books. This is because Sibawayh's book is the first grammatical book that has come to us, as well as being of great importance to the grammarians and scholars. The author resorted to the technique of veiling. When the issue is important or wants to be addressed, it has an important effect in communicating the idea to the addressee More than direct reporting, Sibawayh has employed the tools of each vector by context When the question is doubtful, problematic, or impossible to obtain, Sibawayh uses the appropriate tool for that purpose, and if the place is the object of a certain, lawful or possible occurrence, use the appropriate tool (s) The use of the tool (if) is appropriate for that purpose, as it is used to say (said, said, I said) each according to its context and place, was the tools in the book of Sibawayh important impact in clarifying the content of grammatical and grammatical rules And sound