Al Fankala Purposes in the Sibawayh's book


scholars and commentators, a method of authorship of great importance in the presentation of material books, Alphenqlh words starting with ta + condition tool (if) + did say + Answer condition), and we decided to look for Alphenqlh when Sibawayh، so the reason that the book Sibawayh the first book to me came to us, as well as being of great importance when grammarians and scientists, and resorts author to Alphenqlh style so when the issue is important, or want to alert the addressee by it, so with a significant impact in bringing the idea to offeree more of direct speech normative, it has been used to perform Sibawayh Alphenqlh purposes Sample, including Altqaid ie: the development of grammatical rules and morphological and sound, and the reasoning of any explanation of grammar judgment and morphological and voice, and analysis ie analysis of the content of grammar judgment and morphological and voice, and representation of any representation of the rules of grammatical and morphological and acoustic both examples were correct or incorrect The end of which the statement of rules