Relationship of sex and years of service in Making Administrative Decision in the Directorates of Activity Sports and Scout in the province of Baghdad


Research SummaryKey words: decision- making, activity, athletic, Scout The first section contains Introduction and the importance of research as demonstrated the importance of research to know the relationship of years of service and sex in decision-making, but the problem was there for several failures in Sports Management Directorates for physical activity and Scout in the area of decision-making. The objective of this research to know the relationship of years of service and sex in decision-making.And ensure that third chapter the research methodology and Ograeth field as researcher used a descriptive approach to fit the research sample was chosen as the research sample in a way random, and the researcher distributed a questionnaire Decision consisting of (12 paragraphs) on the total sample of (571) individuals representing some of the teachers of physical education in the province of Baghdad The supervisors jurisdiction, And Part IV guarantees the presentation and discussion of the results by displaying tables, and then discuss the results that have been reached. Part V included the most important conclusions and recommendations,There is a positive relationship between decision-making and years of service, And the emergence of varying points of view between the decision making and sex. The most important recommendations, To raise the level of administrative capacity to the highest level in order to achieve the objectives for the benefit of individuals and the community, Owners to attract qualified and experienced in administrative work for the development of appropriate decisions for the Directorates sporting activity and Scout.