Relationship between Fetal Gender, Pregnancy and Neonatal outcome among Pregnant Women attending labour ward at Al- Batool Teaching Hospital for Maternity and Children in Diyala Governorate Iraq


Background: In many societies, adverse outcomes in pregnancy and labour have often be ascribed to male fetal gender, so, In recent years, many investigators try to find any relationship between fetal gender and pregnancy outcome.Objective: To evaluate the role of fetal gender on pregnancy and neonatal outcome.Subjects and methods: A cross sectional study was done at a labour ward in Al-Batool Teaching hospital for maternity and children in Diyala Governorate, Iraq during the period from 1st of August till 31st of October 2013. One hundred one pregnant women were eligible for enrollment in the study according to inclusion criteria. The effect of fetal gender on both maternal and fetal parameters were all recorded.Results: A total of 101 neonate were born, of whom 53 were males and 48 were females, there was no significant differences noticed between male and female regarding to the maternal age and parity. Also the result showed that preterm and post term pregnancies more frequently in male bearing pregnancies than in female bearing pregnancies (4.95%, 0.99% respectively), despite these findings were significant statistically, while fetal gender has no positive correlation to the weeks of gestation. Pregnant women with a male fetus had a higher rate of cesarean section (8.91%) than with female fetuses (4.95%) which is statistically significant but there is no positive correlation between fetal gender and cesarean section, the results of this study find that there is no correlation between neonate gender and birth weight. By studying the correlation between neonate gender and other neonatal parameters like Apgar score <7 at 5 mint, admission to NICU, clear liquor, and Meconium liquor it was proved that there is no correlation between fetal gender and these parameters except there is a positive correlation between male gender and Apgar score <7 at 1 mint.Conclusions: There is a positive correlation between male gender and Apgar score <7 at 1 minute but no correlation found between fetal gender and other maternal or neonatal parameters.