Color Image Compression and Encryption Based on Compressive Sensing


In this paper; a simple and powerful technique is proposed to encrypt and compress the color image in one step based on Compressive Sensing (CS) with using multi-chaotic system (Chen and Chua) as measurement matrix. The CS is used due to many properties; Greatly reduce the ratio of signal sampling, the size of capacity, power unitization, computational complexity that need to represent a sparse signal or images and lead signal processing into a new revolutionary era. In addition to all the above features; it combines encryption and compression in the one step. Also using chaotic system (Chen and Chua) as measurement matrix in CS provides high level of security to the encryption and compression image since each one of chaotic system has Three-dimension variable. The simulation results demonstrate the compression and encryption color image has low storage size and transmitted requirement, high security, large key size and low encryption time requirement since image compression and encryption in the same step, incoherence, key sensitivity, and resistance to brute force attack. Also the recovered image, has good quality (to human perception) and saves both the clarity and the characteristics of the image.