Effects of Cold and Hot Water Extracts of Onion and Ginger on Multidrug Resistant Bacteria Isolated From Urinary Tract Infection


Background: An alarming increase in bacterial strains resistant to existing multidrug agents demands a renewed effort to seek agents from alternative system of medicines. In this study, screening of herbal plants like bulbs of red onion and root of ginger was carried out to check the antibacterial ability against multidrug resistant pathogen such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus which isolate from Urine samples and Objective: To study antibacterial activity of medical plant such as allium cepa and ginger to treatment most important infection in the world that is urinary tract infection with fewer side effectsMaterials and Methods: A prospective study was conducted on 100 UTI infection patients attended the Baquba hospital to Diagnosis urinary tract infection for period between May 2013 to October 2013, the sample take from two gender male and female after that the bacterial isolation take place base on Bergey, secondly collect of herbal plant and preparation of extraction and finally antimicrobial screening done by disc diffusion method.Results: The results showed there were pathogenic bacteria isolated from urine samples is high in the case of female which were 76 cases infected with pathogenic bacteria more than in male which were 24 cases infected with same pathogenic bacteria ,two types of bacteria had resistant present also in samples called multi drug resistant included staphylococcus and pseudomonas ,second things the results showed also that the cold-water extract of ginger affected both organisms at all concentration at p value <0.01 same things in the hot water of ginger extract but the different the hot water extract affected only pseudomonas aeroginosa and there is no affected on staphylococcus aureus Conclusion: The effect of ginger extracts to treat multi drug resistant bacteria more significant than extracts of onions at p<0.05.