The Effect Of Urban Space On The Vitality Of City Center


Most cities and it is centers in the world suffering imbalance in its urban environment, where they continue to creep for blocks on Urban Spaces in the city, reflecting the lack of belonging construction and lack of awareness of the functional and aesthetic values of urban space. urban space is a natural outlet for urban fabric and important part of the urban fabric in the city. Research problem was: the unclearly of knowledge in the role of the urban space to vitality the city center. And research hypothesis was that transportation, many land use and pedestrian in urban space help them to re-vitality for day and night, so, the objective of research become: clarifying provide knowledge about the role of urban space in the center vitality of the day and night in general and re-vitality Baghdad cultural Center (Almaidan) – Rusafa in particular and put a new design proposal for (Almaidan) .The research conclude that the change in city centers and urban space in it is continuing that shows the ability of the old center to accommodate the changes and keep up.