Biodegradation of Anthracene Compound by Two Species of Filamentous Fungi


Isolation and identification fungi of Emericella nidulans and Aspergillus flavus from a pinkish and yellowish artificial clay, by using potato dextrose agar (PDA). Results revealed that E. nidulans was the best for degrading anthracene (92.3%) with maximum biomass production (3.7gm/l), compared to A. flavus with the rate of degradation (89%) and biomass production of (1.2gm/l), when methylene blue was used as redox indicator after incubating in a shaker incubator 120rpm at 30Co for 8days. Results indicated that E. nidulans has a high ability of anthracene degradation with the rate of (84%), while A. flavus showed the lower level with (77%) by using HPLC.