The Opinion of Al Mubarrad, Sirafi and Al Farisi in Preceding the Predicative Case of (Asa'/ Wish) to its Nominative along with the Researchers' Referrals (A derivative and verification study)


The grammarians differed on many grammatical cases, especially those which are reported from Seebaweih. This indicates that every grammarian had his own opinion in interpreting and clarifying Seebaweih’s statements and views. For this reason, the later grammarians varied in recounting the views of the ancient grammarians. This paper, in fact, aims at dealing with one of those cases ascribed to the ancient grammarians, namely the grammaticality (Asa’= I hope) as a predicate nominative to precede its nominative case as in (I hope Zaid get up). Among those grammarians who report the grammatical permissibility of this case is Hayyan Al Andalusee (745 A. H.) followed by a number of his students and late grammarians such as, Al Mubbarrad (285 A. H.), Al Siraafi ()368 A. H.), and Al Faarisee (377 A. H.); whereas it is corrected by Ibn Ousfoor (669 A. H.) and opposed by Abi Ali Al Shiloubin (645 A. H.). The paper relies on reviewing the above mentioned grammarians to check up the credibility of their recounts.