Effect of Nd2O3 doping on sintering Silica using L2- regression modeling technique


In this research the effect of Nd2O3 doping on densification rate for the initial and intermediate stages of sintering were studied .The experimental results for α – cristobilite powder are modeled using date analysis ( L2- Regression ) technique in study the effect of Nd2O3 doping using three particles size (6.12, 8.92, 13.6 ) µm, with undoped initial powder and with Nd2O3 doping . The mathematical simulation shows slight impact for doping in initial stages of sintering on densification rates for three initial particles sizes , so that the minutes additive Nd2O3 affect the grain boundaries movement when a grain growth-limiting the speed of the grain growth of intermediate stage of sinter process ,those seen on the densification rates of intermediate stage where the doping enhances the densification rates date for three initial particles sizes due to that , the dopants acts against the grain boundaries movement causing discourage closing of porosity and encourage escaping of voids enhances the densification rates .