Improvement of the Iraqi Bauxite Refractory Bricks Properties by Adding Micro and Nano Zirconia


In this study;physical,mechanical and thermal test were carried out for the Iraqi bauxite,Two types of additives were used. Iraqi white kaolin as a binding material in ratio 10%, and zirconia (micro or Nano) as additives in ratios of (5, 10, 15, 20)% for the purpose of improving the general characteristics of the Iraqi bauxite refractory bricks.The samples were formed by semi-dry pressing,with added potassium silicate in ratio 10% as binder material.The formed samples were drying at(110)̊C for 24h then firing at (1400)˚C with soking time 2h.Linear shrinkage,Apparent density,Porosity and water absorption,Bending strength,Compressive and diametrical strength, Moh̊s hardness test,Thermal conductivity,Specific heat capacity and(XRD) analysis for raw material and bricks test were carried out,All mechanical and thermal properties were improved by adding micro and Nano zirconia ,The bricks which has Nano zirconia shown the best result.