Effect of partial Replacement of local sesame seed meal instead of soybean meal in the diet on productive performance of the quail during the growth period


This study was carried out to determine the effect of substitution of sesame seed meal (SSM) for soybean meal (SBM) in a layer diet of local quail. Two hundred and forty 7 days old quail chick were divided in to 4 groups in battery cages. the treatments consist of (control) SSM 0.0%, SSM 10%, SSM 20% and SSM 30% in isonitrogenious bases diets. The results showed that substitution of 10% SSM instead of SBM had no significant negative effect compared with to control diet in parameters egg production (H.D.P), egg mass, egg weight, feed consumption and feed efficiency ratio , when increasing the SSM ratio to 20% and 30% has caused a significant linear deterioration (P<0.05) in all productive specifications of eggs. At conclusion level up to 10% SSM as an alternative feed in local quail had no significant effects on egg production performance.•H.D.P = Hen Day Production•SSM = Sesame Seed Meal•SBM = Soybean Meal