Dielectric properties of Li doped Ni-Zn ferrite


Lithium doped Nickel-Zinc ferrite material with chemical formula Ni0.9−2x Zn0.1LixFe2+xO4, where x is the ratio of lithium ions Li+ (x = 0, 0.01, 0.02, 0.03 and 0.04) prepared by using sol-gel auto combustion technique. X-ray diffraction results showed that the material have pure cubic spinal structure with space group Fd-3m. The experimental values of the lattice constant (aexp) were decreased from 8.39 to 8.35 nm with doped Li ions. It was found that the decreasing of the crystallite size with addition of lithium ions concentration. The radius of tetrahedral (rtet) and octahedral (roct) site were computed from cation distribution. SEM images have been taken to show the morphology of compound. The dielectric parameters [dissipation factor (Df), the dielectric constant (Ԑ') and a.c. conductivity (σac)] of spinal ferrite nano-powder have been measured. The dielectric parameters as a function of concentration have been studied for ferrite synthesis. The saturation of magnetization (Ms), remiensis (Mr) and coersivity (Hc) were found from hysteresis loop. The Ms and Hc varied from 36.47 to 66.15 emu/gm and 103 to 133 Oe for ferrite synthesis, respectively.