Evaluate the climatic conditions for the Karbala


This study includes determining the climatic conditions and the nature of the reservoirs in the region with the determination of the flow direction of the aquifer. The meteorological data for the Karbala station for the period 1976-2016 showed that the values of the monthly rates of temperature, precipitation, evaporation, relative humidity, wind speed and Sunshine duration are (24.19 C◦), (95.5 mm), (2828.6mm), (46.75%), (2.76 m/sec), and (8.61 h/day) respectively. Thorenthwait method was used to calculate the values of Potential Evapotranspiration (PE) then determine the annual value of WS and WD which equal 28.11mm and 941.94mm respectively. Mean monthly water surplus for the period (1976-2016) was recorded about (9.36mm) in December, (13.11mm) in January and (5.64mm) in February of the whole amount of Rainfall and Equal to 29.34 of the total rainfall. The study showed the existence of a shallow aquifer unconfined in the Quaternary deposits. The flow net map is shown by mainly that the groundwater flow in the area, it is from the northwestern parts towards the Eastern and southestern parts.