Rejection between negation and infertility


Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the noblest of creation wholes Muhammad (may God bless him and his family) and The God of the good and virtuous and his companions Almentajabin and ask God that we might receive the intercession of the Day of Judgment.This research has addressed the study of irreversibility in the Koran which DAI much attention from scholars and researchers, because the irreversibility of the necessary things came about al-Bayt (peace be upon them) of the frequent news.Has established itself as evidence of mental and transport and premature after the appearance of Imam Mahdi (Hurry God reappearance Sharif), come out with him out of sheer faith pure, and pure disbelief purely, but tragically these two teams do not return them to the life of the world, which is granted by the Shi'ite .And this research has been built on two and four Detectives per season Mbgesin:• Chapter I eat the concept of irreversibility and our faith has included two sections, the first section required that deals with the concept of irreversibility and ensure two: The first requirement demands: the concept of irreversibility in the language, and the second requirement: the concept of irreversibility in the convention. The second section was necessary to have faith in proven irreversibility may carry with it the three demands: the first requirement: our faith in her back, and the second requirement: irreversibility fact, and the third requirement: in irreversible Shiites with Mahdi (Hurry God reappearance Sharif).• The second chapter, titled the occurrence of irreversibility has included two sections, the first section in which two, the first requirement demands: eat question Waller beer, and the second requirement: possible and falling. The second section has dealt with the evidence contained in the occurrence of irreversibility and included three demands: the first requirement: eating guide book, and the second requirement: A Manual of the year, and the third requirement: A Guide consensus.• At the conclusion of the researcher to many of the results, note that it contained a table of contents, list of sources and references