A Study of Endoparasites of Pigeons in Mosul City


The study was conducted to detect the internal parasites in 65 pigeons (Columbi livia) obtained from different regions in Mosul City, from September 2007 to December 2008. The total rate of infection was 47.7%. These include different percentage of infection with Nematodes (Heterakis gallinarum, Ascaridia columbae) from Cestodes (Raillietina tetragona,R.echinobothridium).The intestinal protozoa were (Eimeria columbae, Cryptosporidium baileyi). While tissue and blood protozoa include (Haemoproteus columbae, Plasmodium gallinacium, Leucocytozoon marchouxi, Sarcocystis spp.).Mixed infection with three or more different species was the highest with the percentage of 41.9%.