Strategic Fitness and its Role in Achieving Marketing Excellence An analytical study of the opinions of a sample of managers in the sponsor company


The research aims to identify the role of strategic agility in its sub-dimensions (clarity of vision , understanding core capabilities, selected strategic targets , shared responsibility ,taking action) as an independent variable in marketing ambidexterity as a dependent variable through its dimensions (Explore opportunities, Exploit opportunities and marketing flexibility). The questionnaire was chosen as a main tool for collecting data, which included (32) items for the research variables by (20) (SPSS v.22, AMOSv.22) . Using a number of statistical methods and indicators, the research results in a set of variables, The most important conclusions are that there is a positive correlation between positive variables For research at the macro level and the level ofsub-exclusion, and that the strategic elegance of different dimensions significantly affect marketing prowess, which means that the company's participation of responsibility and the identification of strategic objectives and take action in a timely manner, would contribute to the company is proficient marketing of Where the ability to explore and exploit the opportunities available The research concluded a number of recommendations, the most important of which is the company to increase its level of interest in strategic agility and because it is important to achieve its future directions, by setting a clear vision of what you want to be The company in the future as well as the establishment of strategic objectives divided by the period and specific periods of time so that can be followed up and verify the extent of completion on time.