Effect of Organic Fertilizing of Humic Acid and Growth Regulator Naphthalene Acetic Acid )NAA( on Some Growth Characteristics of Olives Seedling (Olea europaea L.) Variety Bashyki


This study was carried out in horticulture and land scape design departments fields- collage of agriculture- university of Kirkuk during 2016/4/1 to 2016/10/1 to study effect of organic fertilizer by Humic acid with three levels (0,50 and 100) mg.L-1 and (NAA) with three levels (0,1000 and 2000)mg.L-1 on some growth characteristics of olive seedlings Bashyki var.The results shows significant increase in all shoot and root characteristics (height and dimeter of main stem, number of branches and leaves, leaf area, shoot dry weight, chlorophyll in leaf, height and dimeter of main root, and root dry weight ) for olive seedlings throw addition of Humic acid with the 100 mg.L-1 and NAA with 1000 mg.L-1 singular or interaction which obtained (38.45 , 0.77, 23.97, 0.91)cm and dry weight of shoots and roots (58.08 , 69.78) g . In other side the treatment with NAA 1000 mg.L-1 for height and dimeter of main stem (33.47 , 0.68 , 22.27 , 0.87)cm and shoot and root dry weight (48.38 , 50.68)g.