Proposing an Approximate Mathematical Model to Conduct the Calculations of Radioactive Cs137 in the Plant


This study aims at calculating theoretically the radioactive of cesium Cs 137 in the plant of Nineveh governorate by selecting 50 positions as samples of the study. The calculations are carried out by constructing a mathematical model that determines theoretically the radioactive of cesium Cs 137in the plant. In this paper, the main features and process of mathematical modeling is stated and used clearly in the process of constructing the mathematical model which conducts the determination of the radioactive of cesium Cs 137. The values calculated by the proposed mathematical model show that Cs 137 radioactive range is: (1.0832 in (A42 & A42) – 4.1020 in (A48)) Bq/kg in plant. These calculations are conducted by comparing the results, obtained from the constructed model, with the values of other references. The result of this comparison shows good agreement with other literatures.