The speaking Skill the Children of Kindergartens


The speaking Skill the Children of KindergartensSupervised byProf.Dr.Khawla Abdel Wahab Abdul Latif Al –QaisiMarwa Saleh AlwanKazem Al Shammari Abstract Language is fundamental and important for the development of various skills especially in the kindergarten stage where the child begins to approach others and interact with them linguistically listen to them and make sentences to communicate his ideas to them and without the ability to talk and expression, the child's benefit of his experiences in the kindergarten remains limited. And that children at any stage of early education are subject to different stages of linguistic development, and these stages are a fundamental feature in learning, especially for the skills of speaking, listening and reading, Therefore, the researcher chose the speaking skill the children of kindergartens.The current research aimed to define:1) The speaking skill among the children of kindergartens.2) Significance of differences in the speaking skill among the children of kindergartens according to the gender variable (males - females). To achieve the objectives of the research, measure were constructed, a measure of the speaking skill among the children of kindergartens, which consists of (13) goals and for each goal, three questions answered by the child, The validity of the has been verified by the Alpha Kronbachmethod, the measure of speaking skill was (0,66). The research sample consisted of (250) children boys and girls in the preliminary stage of kindergartens, Using the T test for one sample, the T test for two independent samples, Pearson correlation coefficient, standard level and statistical methods, the research concluded the following results:1) The speaking skills of the children of kindergartens was average (%61.2) from the overall of the sample, followed by the ratio of the high level (%22.8) and the last one is ratio of the weak level (16%).2) There is no statistically significant difference between males and females of the children of the sample research in skill speaking.Based on the results, the researcher reached a number of recommendations, including:1) Encouraging children to express freely in what they want to talk about.2) The kindergartens’ teacher should give importance to children's words and listen to them well.3) Prepare a number of variety activities in kindergartens that can contribute in developing the children's speaking skills.A number of proposals were formulated, including:1) Building a program to develop the speaking skill among the children of kindergartens.