Histological Changes Resulting from Parasitic Infestation (Scabies)


The present study was conducted to investigate the changes in tissues in patients with scabies. The biopsies from patients with scabies and from patients infected with cutaneous leishmaniasis (positive control) were collected from patients attended the Dermatology Unit at Baquba Teaching Hospital / Advisory Clinic during the period from March to May 2016. The ages of the studied groups ranged between 20-54 years. The results showed that there were histological changes in patients with scabies, including thickness of epidermis and filtration of inflammatory cells of dermis and hyperkeratasis in some chronic cases. In addition, some chronic cases showed edema, degenration and necrosis of some epidermis cells. In contrast, the results of the present study showed that the histological changes associated with leishmaniasis included hyperkeratenosis, epidermis and spongiosis, as well as the formation of reteridges. In addition, there was infiltration of inflammatory cells in dermis as well as the presence of necrosis and degeneration in some infected skin cells.