Effect of Development International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Quality of Accounting Information for sample of banks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange Abstract


stractThe bodies responsible for the organization of accounting in the world seek to keep abreast of repaid development, by provide the information required by users, which they need to make efficient decision that return them to the desired benefits, and avoid the risks they could face if they made their decision based on misleading information, or insufficient, or not accurate, Hence, the IASB has undertaken to review the standards, and make the necessary adjustment and clarifications to remove the ambiguities that some of the paragraphs may have in IFRS issued.And the Iraqi Central Bank obliges banks to convert from local accounting standards to apply IFRS only a step towards keeping pace with developments in the field of accounting, and to seek to open the Iraqi financial market to the global financial markets, as a step towards attracting investment and foreign capital, thus achieving the desired economic development.Therefore, the aim of the research was to highlight the latest developments in accounting literature, which is the development of IFRS and its importance and impact on the quality of accounting information, the research reached several conclusion, the most prominent of which comes :- 1- There is a significant positive effect of the development in IFRS in quality accounting information in the financial statements of the Iraqi banks the sample of the research if applied in the future.2- The results of the statistical analysis showed that all relations between the development of IFRS and the qualitative characteristic of accounting information are (fundamental & enhancing) statistically significant.The research also reached several recommendations, most notably the following :-1- Necessity the Accounting and Auditing Standards Board in Iraq and the Central Bank of Iraq to oblige companies in general and banks in particular to apply IFRS, especially after proving the quality of accounting information prepared on its basis.2-Necessity the responsible authorities to open the training courses, and the establishment of scientific seminars, and workshops for the training of accounting staff in the Iraqi environment on apply IFRS, especially in the current transitional period.