Cryopreservation sperm epididymis Iraq camels using pure honey bee Iraqi as a preservative


This study was conducted at the laboratory of graduate studies, department of animal production / College of agriculture, University of Al-Muthanna for the period from 17/2 until 14/9/ 2016 to investigate the ability of cryopreservation of epididymis sperms for Iraqi camels and the effect of adding of honey bee (HB) to the cryopreservation solution. The testes were collected from the abattoir directly after slaughtering of animals and transferred to the laboratory in Proper temperature. the sperms were collected from the cauda of epididymis and immerged in culture medium previously prepared .the experiment was divided in to four treatments, the first before cryopreservation (control), the second cryopreservation solution only, the third cryopreservation solution with 5% honey bee concentration, the fourth cryopreservation solution with 10% honey bee .The results of the study showed significant superiority )P≤0.05( for four treatment (10%) on the second and third treatments in the individual motility, mass motility , agglutination, sperm morphology and viability. The individual motility types A,B,C were 12.66 ± 0. 76, 16.04 ± 0.86 and 16.83 ± 0.48 respectively, and for mass motility, agglutination, sperm morphology and viability were 58.00±2.00, 73.66 ± 0.42 , 46.50 ±0.42 respectively .