Submucous resection of the septum versus septoplasty a comparison study


AbstractBackground: Nasal septal deviation is a common cause for nasal obstruction and usually treated by surgery. Submucous resection of the septum (SMR) and septoplasty are the common procedures for the treatment of nasal septal deflection. Aims of the study: To audit the functional outcome of the patients undergoing submucous resection of the septum and septoplasty for deflected nasal septum.Materials and methods: 100 patients are complaining from symptomatic nasal obstruction due to nasal septal deviation. Their ages are ranged from 18-55 years. They were divided in to two groups, 60 of them were treated by SMR and 40 patients (caudal end and anterior deviation) were treated by septoplasty in Alzahra Teaching Hospital, Al- Kut / Iraq. From January 2009 to December 2011. Both surgeries were done under general anaesthesia with anterior nasal packs for 24 hours. For the patients with septoplasty a bilateral silastic splints left for 10 days. Follow up done in the outpatient department for 6 months to 1year.