This study was carried out to determine some hormonal and immunological parameters in women who attended Maternity and Children teaching hospital in Ramadi city , from 1st of August 2014 to 1st of April 2015. Ages of patients ranged from 16 - 49 years . The study included 358 blood samples from pregnant and non-pregnant women . sixty five samples were found to be abnormal thyroid function . The remaining 293 samples from healthy pregnant and not pregnan-pregnant women were used as a controls . Women under study were divided into three groups: Pregnant Women with thyroid disorder( Group I ) , Pregnant Women without thyroid disorder (Group II ,control 1) , and non- Pregnant Women without thyroid disorder (Group III , control 2). The study showed that there was no significant differences in T3 ,T4and FTI levels in patient compared with control 1 ( p-value >0.05) while it showed significant difference between patient and control 2 with p-value (<0.05). the means of T3,T4 and FTI in patient were 4.08 ng/ml, 91.09 μg/dl, 69.55 respectively. While there was no significant difference in level of TSH in cases and control 1 and control 2 with p-value >0.05. The mean level of TSH of patient was 18.65 μIU/ml . A comparison in Immunological parameters between the three groups with each other showed that there was significant increase in levels of Anti thyroxin peroxidase abs and Anti thyroglobulin abs in cases compared with control 2 with p-value <0.05,but didn’t show significant difference between cases and control 1 with p-value >0.05.The mean levels of patients for Anti TPO abs was 302.10 IU/ml and for Anti TG abs was 143.21 IU/ml.