Regular tertiary dentin formation in response to low stimulus


Background: The nature and severity of stimuli that reach the dental pulp vary and the response to protect the challenged pulp will vary accordingly. The aim of the study was to evaluate pulp response to low stimuli, histologically.
Materials and methods: Maxillary molars teeth of albino rats were subjected to 0.05% of citric acid for 12 hoursday for 3 days duration, histological evaluation was done in 7, 14, 30 days interval period.
Results: After 7 days, proliferation of new blood vessels in the pulp with congested blood vessels were identified in sub-odontoblastic layer. After 14 days, new dentin deposition with hypocalcified areas was identified. After 30 days, regular tertiary dentin formation was seen with demarcated line separating it from adjacent secondary dentin.
Conclusion: Low stimuli resulted in regular tertiary dentin formation.
Keywords: Dentin, enamel erosion, pulp response. (J Bagh Coll Dentistry 2007; 19(1) 47-49)