Analytical and Thermodynamic Study of Complex of Co(II) Ion with New Azo Reagent2-((3-methoxy phenyl) diazenyl)- 4,5-diphenyl imidazole (MBDPI)


The new azo reagent 2-((3-methoxy phenyl) diazenyl)-4,5-diphenyl imidazole was designated as (MBDPI) and its metalchelate with Co2+metal ion were prepared. The preparationof the complex have been conducted after fixing theoptimum conditions such as pH and concentration. UV-Visspectrum for reacting of metal solution and the reagentsolution. For wide range of pH (5-11) and concentrationwhich obeys Beer-Lambert Law. The (MBDPI) and its metalchelate were characterized by the analytical andspectroscopic studies of the complex solution such aselemental analysis, FTIR, molar conductivity measurementsand thermodynamic study. It has been found that the azoreagent behaves as neutral bidentate (N,N΄) reagent formingchelate with 1: 2 (metal : reagent) stoichiometry. Theinfrared spectra of the chelating complex have been studiedand compared with the free reagent spectrum. TheConductivity measurements for solutions in ethanol haveshown non-ionic character for the chelatecomplex.Depending on these results we can conclude thatthe proposed geometrical structure of the chelate complex isoctahedral. The synthesized compounds have been tested invitro against a two kinds of pathogenic bacteria to assesstheir antibacterial properties using disk diffusion method,which is aGram negative bacteria:(pseudomonas aeruginosa) and agram positive bacteria( Staphylococcus aureus )The results showed that the reagent, its metal chelate withCo2+and the aqueous solution of metal ion had inhibitionactivity toward the first type of bacteria without the secondtype.