Alsahyuniat Almasihiat Fi le nan 1975- 1978 Alealaqat


The Zioni Christian relations formed a new stage and phase during the civil war. The Zionists managed to build new and solid relations that were beginning through the commercial processes of selling and buying. These relations developed to a greater and faster pace. Through these relations, the Zionists managed to put their feet On the Lebanese territory under the pretext of protecting the Christian community from ethnic, sectarian and religious persecution in Lebanon. These relations continued through many military and weapons agreements between them. The Christians sent many of their men to combat training To the Zionist entity, and when the arrival of these to their country and provided all the possibilities needed by the Zionists during the Zionist invasion in 1978 through the provision of maps and guide them on the roads to walk them, and became those relations are public and is no longer confidential through visits by some Zionist officials to the tape area The Lebanese border, including Prime Minister Ephraim Katzriz, has strengthened their relations to see the conditions of Christians and what they need from aid