The reality of terrorism and its repercussions on the Iraqi economy2003- 2016


Terrorism is considered as one of the most dangerous issues in human societies. Its danger is clearly affecting individuals. It impedes the process of progress, construction and development of countries technologically, this is clear in a way when terrorists blew up number of offices, bridges and ways. These acts of terrorism are the destruction of the economy, where the state spends large amounts on the war of terrorism and this waste of material and human resources that could be exploited to develop the economy of the country and maintain economic stability. and in consideration of the variety of forms and practices of terrorism due to the terrorist operations, the financial and administrative corruption of many ministries as in the financial and commercial institutions, as well as the transfer of funds from the country abroad, are increasing. National economy and lead to the decline of its performance so it became necessary for researchers to make their efforts to clarify the seriousness of this phenomenon and eliminate it