Bagha Al Kabeer [862 AD / 248 AH] His biography & Military Role At the Beginning of the first Abbasy Era and The beginning of The Last Abbasy Era [ Historical Study


Bagha Al Kabeer considers one of the prominent Turkish leaders in the Abbasian army in the Third Century AH / Nine Century AD. His role as leader is obvious and active in the political and military events as well as the developments that has been happened to the Arabic Islamic State in the last of the First Abbasian Era beside Caliphs, Ministers and Military leaders. He makes many Military and Administrative services to the Abbasian Caliphate. Bagha Al Kabeer has unique characteristics with high combat power, this characteristics distinguishes him, compared to the other Turkish leaders. His courage and victories that he has made them in battles, qualifies him to get married one of the ladies from the Caliphate’s court; consequently this marriage enables him to reach high rank in Abbasian court and Army. His sons and Grandsons inherit this distinguish rank from him; they become prominent leaders in the Abbasian army, they follow their Grandfather in offering many Military and Administrative services to the Abbasian Caliphate in its Second Era.