Hydrogeologic Conditions of Mulussa Aquifer Between Rutba and Dhabaa in Al-Anbar Governorate


Rutba area is located in Al-Anbar Governorate - West of Iraq. Hydrogeological investigation calculation of Mulussa aquifer between Rutba and Dhabaa is carried out. The groundwater moves in directions of (NE, E and SE) influenced by depletion process in the amount of hydraulic gradient ranged between (0.0000416 - 0.008036). The groundwater flux (V) and groundwater pore velocity (U) are reached (0.00451) m/day and (25.02) m/day, respectively. Mulussa aquifer is carbonate beds, where represents confined aquifer conditions. The values of transmissivity, permeability and storage coefficient are ranged between (0.507 – 250) m2/day, (0.00547 - 3.05) m/day and (9.65 x 10-5 - 2.64 x 10-4) respectively. While the estimated of transmissivities which are obtained from specific capacity ranged (208.041 – 862.166) m2/day. This variation in the values revealing the great variations in the aquifer lithology, which was affected by intensity and the number of fractures and joints.