Enhancing the Punching Behavior of High Strength Concrete Flat Plates Subjected to Repeated Load by Using Shear Reinforcement


The present study includes an experimental and numerical investigations for the punching behavior of shear reinforced square simply supported flat plates of high strength concrete (HSC) subjected to repeated load. The experimental program consists of testing four flat plate models. They were of the same overall dimensions of plate, (900×900×100) mm and dimensions of column (150×150×300) mm. The main variable has been considered in the experimental study is: type of shear reinforcement (three models): closed stirrups, headed shear studs and bent bars. Finally, a fourth model (without shear reinforced) served as control model. From the results of this work, It was found that the closed stirrups is the best type of shear reinforcement because this type is highly increase punching shear strength (about 92%) , rotation capacity, simple and cost-effective. Three-dimensional nonlinear finite element analysis has been carried out to conduct the numerical investigation of the general behavior of HSC flat plat models. ABAQUS (Version 6, copyright 2013) computer program was used in this work. A comparison between numerical and experimental results showed good validity of the numerical analysis where the average difference ratio based on the ultimate load was less than 3.67% for all analyzed models.