Study age and growth of Planiliza abu fish in the Euphrates river that passing through Qadisiyah Governorate


An Attempt to study the age and growth rates of Planiliza abu in the Euphrates River in Al-Qadisiyah Governorates. Four age groups were detected for the males and five for females. the Group (II) age and both sexes were dominated. The annual increases in length and weight decreased with the age of both fish, where the highest annual increase in length and weight occurred during the first year of fish age. Significant differences in the annual increase were found in length and weight for age group (I) and (II) for males and females. The relationship of total weight length to male and female P. abu was calculated separately and expressed in the following equations: For males Log w = 3.061Log L – 2.000 (r=0.99 , P > 0.05 ), For females Log w = 2.919Log L – 1.809 (r=0.96 , P >0.05 ), and for both sexes Log w = 3.056Log L – 1.979 (r=0.97 , P > 0.05 ), It is considered growth of Planiliza abu fish for both sexes is Isometric (3 ≤ b ). A part of M.Sc.thesis submitted by the first author*.