Evaluation of new wheat Triticum aestivum L. genotypes under al muthanna environment


A Field experiment was carried out during growing season (2016-2017) at agricultural experimental station, Agric., Al-Muthana Univ. to evaluate the performance of local cultivars Rasheed, IPA99, Latefeyia besides Russian genotypes Coa, Nwewya, Nacowy potas. The experiments were designed according to Randomized Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) in three replications. The results showed the superiority of Rasheed variety over others in plant height (105.1 cm), flag leaf area (55.60 cm2), chlorophyll content 306.726 mg.m-2, spike length (16.87 cm), spike grain number (64.50 seed spike-1), weight of 1000 grain (42.93g) and the biological yield (23.882 tons ha-1). Nacowy potas cultivar also revealed superiority over all investigated genotypes in fertile spike number (635 spike.m-2), percentage of protein (12%), Plant fresh weight (72.50 g), plant dry (40.23 g) and tiller number (635 tiller plant-1). The cultivars Rasheed, Latefeyia and Coa showed highest gain yields, which were 8.55, 8.00 and 8.00 tons ha-1, respectively, as compared to other cultivars.