Optical modeling and analysis of polyurethane lens for correcting presbyopia by using Zemax program


This study aims to design an optical system based on the model of Liu & Brennan by using Zemax EE2006 program. This model was selected because it more accurately reflects anatomical and visual data as compared to the physiological eye model. Polyurethane lens (Pu) is designed for patients with presbyopia patients by using multi-configuration function in Zemax. According to human eye structure, three distances were defined, namely, far (10.0+09mm), middle (1000mm), and near (500mm), to simulate the position of the body, investigate the difference in image received by the eye, and determine the effect of visual defect on image quality. Several techniques have been adopted in the Zemax program to evaluate the visual design efficiency and the magnitude of the difference in the image before and after lens insertion. Results showed that bi-focal polyurethane lens exhibited good performance for far and intermediate distances.