Comparison of Bayes Estimators for Parameter and Reliability Function for Inverse Rayleigh Distribution by Using Generalized Square Error Loss Function


In the current study, we have been derived some Basyian estimators for the parameter and reliabilityfunction of the inverse Rayleigh distribution under Generalized squared error loss function.In order to get the best understanding of the behavior of Bayesian analysis, we consider noninformativeprior for the scale parameter using Jefferys prior Information as well as informativeprior density represented by Gamma distribution. Monte-Carlo simulation have been employed tocompare the behavior of different estimates for the scale parameter and reliability function of inverseRayleigh distribution based on mean squared errors and Integrated mean squared errors,respectively. In the current study, we observed that more occurrence of Bayesian estimate usingGeneralized squared error loss function using Gamma prior is better than other estimates for allcases.