Best Approximate of Vector Space Model by Using SVD


A quick growth of internet technology makes it easy to assemble a huge volume of data as textdocument; e. g., journals, blogs, network pages, articles, email letters. In text mining application,increasing text space of datasets represent excessive task which makes it hard to pre-processingdocuments in efficient way to prepare it for text mining application like document clustering. Theproposed system focuses on pre-processing document and reduction document space technique toprepare it for clustering technique. The mutual method for text mining problematic is vector spacemodel (VSM), each term represent a features. Thus the proposed system create vector-space modelby using pre-processing method to reduce of trivial data from dataset. While the hug dimensionalityof VSM is resolved by using low-rank SVD. Experiment results show that the proposedsystem give better document representation results about 10% from previous approach to prepareit for document clustering.