Proposed Method for Robot Path Planning Using Q – Learning algorithm


This paper talks about the use of one of the artificial intelligence with Q -learning algorithm application which works to find the shortest way to achieve the target from the exact point within the matrix array with high accuracy which is not depending on working within deadline so we mix it with neural network algorithm to make a pre represented version as a technical and software-supported version therefor we will produce number of a typical, very effective robotics in short time which guarantee programming the pure version with logical and touchable results to ensure the success of the experiment and its results which will talk about within the bellow figure. There are five types of working methods of robotic; we will talk about one of them which are Q-learning in details. When the application of robotics algorithms from robotic process methods we can choose one and using Q–learning method to reach the target with a short distance and time, using VB .net language and mat lab programs for using the neural network methods to choose the best robotic design and program from reference model to create a model and watching the goal in the best time.