Studying Some Factors Affecting in Gingivitis


One hundered swabs were taken from patients suffering from dental and periodontal diseases. Seventy fife swabs were taken from males and twenty five from females. All patients did not receive antibiotics for three days at less, to state the relationship between gender, smoking, miswak, toothpaste, milk and sugar with black tea with gingivitis. Streptococcus mutans was isolated with 100%. S. mutans was isolated with 75% from males and 25% from females depending on the morphological and biochemical tests. The results showed that smoking and miswak were the most influence factors under study on gingivitis in both genders. Erythromycin showed biggest inhibition zone with S. mutans, but it was resistance to Tetracycline, Optochin, Bacitracin and Carbenicillin.