Doctor Civil Liability of missing opportunity (A Comparative Legal study)


The idea of missed opportunity is a clear example of the integration of luck in the legal field, Opportunity depends on luck, which is beyond the will of individuals and their expectations, that is there is a possibility that may occur or. It is known that there are a lot of facts not subject to the man’s control and opportunity begins when human capacity stop working. Missing the apportunity is a recurrent event in the medical field, especially in healing. If a doctor taky a wrong decision then chance of the patient (the injured) has the responsibility of a doctor, and then the right of injured person to seek compensation for the missed opportunity, and the law does not stand idle in front of this case but treats with all the stuff and exhibits all the possible ways and means, which calls for justice and fairness for the injured person, as though partially offset be no all the missed opportunity not to the outcome of the direct result of the missed opportunity, no other words miss the opportunity itself is harmful investigator requires compensation.