Derivation of Operation Rule for Ilisu Dam


Tigris River water that comes from Turkey represents the main water resource of this river in Iraq. The expansion in water river implementations has formed a source of trouble for the workers in the water resources management field in Iraqi. Unfortunately, there is no agreement between Iraq and Turkey till now to share the water of this international river. Consequently, the optimal operation of water resources systems, particularly a multi-objective, multi-reservoir, is of the most necessity at the present time. In this research two approaches, were used the dynamic programming (DP) approach and simulation model to find the optimal monthly operation of Ilisu Dam (from an Iraqi point of view) through a computer program (in Q. Basic language) to find the optimum monthly release and storage by adopting an objective function that minimizes the release and storage losses (penalty). The historical inflow data of 588 months from (Oct. 1961 to Sep. 2009) formed the input data to the optimization models. Storage rule curves for the reservoir at (lower, mean, upper) of (10%, 50%, and 90%), respectively, were found according to the results of the optimized operation. A simulation model was developed to operate the system using these rule curves.