Assessment The effect of some bio-control agents and Topsen-M in the controlling Root- rot disease on Petunia plants


This study was conducted to determine the efficacy of two bacterial(Bacillus subtilisand Pseudomonas fluorescens) and one Fungus(Trichoderma harzianum) as bio -control agents and Topsin – M fungicidein controlling root- rot disease of petunia plants caused byRhizoctonia solani in thegreenhouse.Conditions . the results of a pots experiment showed that both fungal and bacterial bio- control agents and all bio-agents andTopsin – Mtreatments enhanced the percentage of seed germination which reached 100 %compared with control treated ) 0.0 % (. They also reduced the con contraction of R. solani in the plant roots increased some of growth parameters such as plant content of chlorophyll .